About the Store

Bell, Book and Comic, located at 458 Patterson Rd in Dayton, OH. has been a local institution since 'year'. Opened by Peter Bell to provide the local area with a top-notch comic provider and haven for pop culture and gaming.

Peter Bell is a comic book collector's best friend; always on the lookout for rare books and for his customers' interests. Looking for something specific? Tell Pete, and he'll be able to apply his years of experience and contacts to use for you!

The store has also become a local staple in the collectable trading card gaming scene. The store hosts weekly events for Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!. The store also stocks an extensive collection of singles for these games as well.

Bell Book and Comic has expanded from a single store front to include a separate gaming space available to players during store hours (and beyond!). With space for over 72 players, the game room often has multiple events going on, and still has room for more.