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The Bell, Book and Comic File Service

Got a favorite title that you want a copy (or more!) of each week?

Want to be first on the list for variant covers or special editions?

Interested in following a complete story arc, but don't want any other books outside of your normal titles?

Yea, we can do that.

Come on into the store and we will set you up with a sign up sheet. Provide us a $5 deposit, fill out your information, list the titles you want to us to save for you, and start saving on your favorite books.

  • Get 1-40 titles and you'll save 15% off new titles AND back issues.
  • Bump it up to 41-100 titles and you'll get 20% off!
  • Wanna go crazy? 100+ titles will net you 25% off!

Please note, in order to keep a file active, we request that you collect your books at least once per month. Files that are not collected within a reasonable amount of time will be canceled, and saved books will be returned to inventory. If you need to make arraignments due to travel or an extended absence, please contact the store.

Out of town but still want our top-notch products and service? We'll ship files too! Contact the store for more details!

Upcoming Cons and Sales

FOP Lodge Warehouse Sale!

  • What: Our annual warehouse sale, featuring over 250 long boxes; many of these comics have never been available in the store! Plus trade paper-backs, graphic novels, toys, posters and more!
  • Where: FOP Lodge #44, 4275 Powell Road Huber Heights, Ohio 45424
  • When: December 15th from 5pm-9pm, December 16th from 10am-5pm, December 17th from 10am-4pm

Extra Details:

Dec 15th: SPECIAL PREVIEW NIGHT from 5pm-9pm; $1 Comics (no box prices)

Dec 16th: Comics will be 2 for $1 ($50 for a short box, $100 for a long box)

Dec 17th: Comics will be 3 for $1 ($30 for a short box, $60 for a long box)

Zombie Dogz will also be on site on Saturday and Sunday!