Aether Revolt Game Day Weekend

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Major Events

Aether Revolt - Game Day(s)

Saturday and Sunday, February 11th & 12th @ Noon - $5

Game Day is a casual Standard tournament that takes place one month after a new set release. Now that players have had a chance to play with and against the new cards, it is time to show what you've learned. Compete for the title of Game Day Champion!

Event Details:

  • This event is a more casual tournament, and as such has a Regular Rules Level Enforcement. Players will NOT be required to submit decklists, but we do recommend the use of opaque deck sleeves.
  • The number of rounds will be determined by the number of players, and will feature a Top 8 (or Top 4 if appropriate).
  • We are now hosting Game Days on both Saturday and Sunday! Each is a separate tournament, so if you don't like how your aggro deck performed on Saturday, bring your control deck on Sunday!
  • Prize support for this event will be 2 packs per player of the current set, which may be exchanged for store credit at a rate of $3 in credit per pack.
  • This event features exclusive participation and Top 8 Promos, including an awesome first place playmat!

More details about Game Day can be found on the WotC Website. If you have any other questions, ask Dave!


Every Magic Player's Favorite Day of the Week

tl:dr - Standard Tourneys every week, casual events as requested.

Magic's most popular tournament gets even better in 2015! The new FNM rules allow stores to run almost any kind of event as an FNM event! Here's how it is going to work:

Every Friday, BBC will host a regular Standard tournament. We'll run it the same way we always have:

  • $5 to Enter - Starts at 7pm.
  • 8 to 16 players, 3 Rounds | 17 to 31 players, 4 rounds | 32+ players, 5 rounds
  • 2 packs per player in the prize pool, and the same record always gets the same amount of prize.
  • Pack prizes will go to players with a BETTER than 50% record, and we will also have random prizes at the end of the tourney as well.
  • Top two finishers minimum will receive a promo card. If we have more than two with first-place records, all players with that record will receive a promo.

We will also offer FNM Casual Side Events. The way these will work is as follows:

  • We'll take sign ups for casual events at the counter. Sign in your name and what type of event you would like to play (examples listed below).
  • If we get close to enough players interested in an event, we'll announce that a game is forming, and sign people up from there.
  • The minimum number of players for any casual event will be 4 players. Sealed events like draft will need 8 players.
  • Once a group has been made, players will need to make a choice on whether they would like to play for promos only, or additional pack prizes as well. If players want to play for a promo ONLY, then there will be no fee. If players want to play for packs, then there will be an appropriate fee (details below).
  • The first place finisher will receive a FNM promo, whether or not there was an entry fee.
  • All casual events need to begin before 10pm*. Any remaining promos not reserved for casual events will be distributed randomly to players in the Standard tournament (limit one promo per player per tournament).
  • * Traditionally, there is a booster draft after FNM for players in the Standard tournament. If there is a draft that will begin after the Standard tournament finishes, a promo will be given to the first place finisher of that draft.

Examples of casual tournaments available are as follows:

  • Booster Drafts (4 packs of product required as entry fee)
  • Cube Drafts ($5 entry for pack prizes: 8 players, 3 rounds, 1 pack per win. Players can only play for packs with a BBC provided or approved cube. Ask Dave for details.)
  • Commander Pods (minimum 4 players, max 6; no entry fee, no pack prizes (this may be reviewed later)
  • 8-Man Constructed (8 players, 3 rounds. $5 for packs, 1 per win. $20 for Win-a-Box format)

Please realize that is a new take on FNM, so things are still pretty fluid on how to handle this. This is a basic guideline for events, and could change based on player feedback.

Commander Tuesdays

Every Tuesday starting around 6pm - FREE!

Meet up for some casual fun every week! Commander is Magic's most popular casual format, and we have a dedicated night to shuffle up and play! We recognize the official Wizards of the Coast sponsored rules for deck construction and play. Details about these rules can be found here at MtG Commander Dot Net.

As an official WPN affiliated store, playing with proxies is not permitted at our in-store events. Even though this is a causal format and this event is unsanctioned, WotC does not permit any counterfeit or proxied cards at its WPN affiliated stores.

Remember, this is event is FREE every week! Just meet up in the game room and have fun!

New Products and Release Dates

Planechase Anthology

Releases November 25th 2016

Planechase Anthology collects 86 planar cards and 4 ready-to-play 60-card decks from this popular multiplayer format. Also included are 4 regular-sized deck boxes, an oversized card deck box, a special edition planar die, 4 spindown life counters, and 35 double-sided token cards.

Bell, Book and Comic will offer not be offering preorders for this set.

MSRP for this set is $149.99.

Aether Revolt

Releases January 20th 2017

Aether Revolt is the second set in the Kaladesh block. Chandra and the Gatewatch face off against Tezzeret, who using the stolen inventions of Kaladesh's engineers to forward an unknown plot.

Bell, Book and Comic will offer preorders for this set, starting Dec 16th. Booster boxes will pre-sell for $89.99, and Bundles will pre-sell for $$31.99.

Players that pre-order a booster box will receive a special alternate art promo. Buy-a-box promos are limited to one per customer. Quantities are limited.

Limited League

Like Limited? Like cracking packs? LOVE VALUE?!?!

Have we got a sweet deal for you: Limited League! It works like this:

  • TL:DR version: 6 weeks of limited play, with Top 4 or 8 for prizes at the end. Also, discounts on singles, supplies and boxes!
  • When a new set is released, we start taking sign-ups. The initial cost is only $20, and then $5 a week for 4 weeks ($40 total). You can also choose to pay the full amount up front.
  • Once you sign up, you'll receive 6 packs of product (either 6 packs of the new set, or 3 and 3 old and new from the same block). If we have enough for everyone, we'll use leftover prerelease kits instead, so you get a bonus promo for your pool! You'll use these packs to create a 40-card deck like normal.
  • The first round of pairings will go up usually 2 weeks after the set release. We'll use Swiss pairings to assign each player in the League an opponent. Work with your opponent to schedule a time to play that week. Report the results to the league admin. PROFIT.
  • Once you have played your opponent and reported your results, you'll receive another pack to add to your limited pool. The pack can be from either set in the block.
  • From week 4 onward including the Top 4/8, decks will be 60 cards, with 15 card sideboards.

Here's what you get for participating!

  • 10% Discount on Magic singles and supplies (dice, sleeves, playmats etc.)!
  • $10 discount on booster boxes! (Not applicable to pre-orders)
  • Meet and hang out with other Bell Players!

In-Store Trading

Bell, Book and Comic is happy to trade with you! Bring your cards in to us and we will take a look and see if we can make a deal!

As some general guidelines, most often we will trade for in-store credit only. We will make cash offers for large collections, or specific older cards for Legacy and Vintage formats.